Richard Graveling
Counsellor | Psychotherapist
PGDip Psychosynthesis Counselling
Registered Member MBACP




If you’re on this page, it may be that you, or someone you know, are experiencing difficulties or challenges in life. If this is the case then please read on to see what counselling may be able to offer you.

People come to counselling for many different reasons. They may be struggling with anxiety or a depression that significantly impacts the ability to enjoy life. Or they may be going through a bereavement or loss, experiencing relationship issues or be seeking to change destructive behaviours, such as addiction. Alternatively, people can sometimes experience a crisis of meaning, where they might feel a lack of purpose and a sense of not living in accordance with deeper values and aspirations.

As a counsellor, my first priority is to provide a safe space, where you can feel free to bring your concerns without judgement. Providing this space allows us to explore your inner experience, supporting you to process your thoughts and feelings, and recognise their underlying causes. In turn, this can help you resolve conflicts, find a deeper sense of purpose and move forward in your life.

Please feel free to explore this site further for more information on me and how I practise.

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